Wednesday, 10 August 2011

When I was in the thick of it filming 9/8/2011

Yesterday was a day of madness having gone back to the shop to do the clear up and still having the adrenaline pumping from the previous night. Me and a couple of guys went back into town to see how bad it still was. YES it was still bad but this time it was our choice to go into the mix of things the night before we didn't have the choice of being in that situation. So going back into that environment was strange the atmosphere in the air was intense it's something I cannot explain, something that I have not experienced before.

As we walked around there were all different kids about ranging from 8 - about 20 and it's definetly not a racist thing as there were all different races about. Walking around we managed at one point to be in the centre of the massive group of rioters. There must have been a few hundred people out there looking to cause mayhem. There were around us boasting what they have been doing and what else they going to carry on with. It's like acts of violence and terror is what these people love and its all they know.

We came across the burning car by Carrs Lane and just watching this car burn in the middle of this crazyness just brought it home and showed me that we are living in strange times. For something like this to happen you only ever see in the news at different parts of the country but it was happening here in our city.

These people showed no fear as at one point we were really in the thick of it as the riot police started to try and force there way back into town to get rid of the rioters. These people showed no fear by hurling rocks stones and all sorts at the riot police. It was just madness to see this happening. It felt really intimidating to see these gangs roam the streets of Brum looking for there next hit.

To end this post I'm going to say the police are doing the best they can but because the rioters have ways of getting around the centre it is harder for the police to get them. So for people that doubt the police forces out there, people do not realise how hard it is to get hold of these rioters!

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